About our Company

Biotech Farms Incorporated is a world-class agri-business company and the leading supplier of high-quality pork and egg products in Mindanao. Better Pork and Better Farms are two of the major products marketed by Biotech Farms, and are the result of our relentless and uncompromizing pursuit of quality and food safety.

Since our establishment in 2001, Biotech Farms has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality products for the least environmental impact. Our farming and processing operations adhere to the strictest standards of quality control. We give our animals only the finest organic-based feeds, developed in our own feed mill facilities, and use sustainable and environmentally-responsible agricultural practices.

In addition to our consumer and environmental commitments, Biotech Farms is committed to making a positive impact on local communities. To date, we proudly employ over 1,000 people from the neighbouring municipalities in South Cotobato, and proudly support local corn and palay farmers through the provision of modern agricultural technology and a steady commercial-scale market for their produce.

Biotech Farms is constantly seeking new ways to make our business practices "ALWAYS BETTER".  Every member of our team is fully committed to achieving our company mission, with team leaders supporting and mentoring other members in delivering optimal results and growth. Our collaborative, yet disciplined, management system ensures effective execution of all of our company’s strategic directions, as well as peak standards in food safety and risk mitigation.

Our company’s drive to constantly improve means that we also proudly embrace diversity in our team, regardless of race, nationality, language, culture, or religion. That is because at Biotech Farms, we believe that the mission to improve the lives of all people is one that transcends our human differences.