Creating Shared Values

Committed to nourishing people and protecting the environment.

At Biotech Farms, we believe that communities and companies can grow together. We are committed to making sure that our operations have an inclusive and positive impact on the local community. Over the years, we have pioneered a number of projects aimed at promoting our company’s shared values, as well as enriching the lives of ordinary, everyday people. By actively involving local communities in our resource management efforts, livelihood programmes, and joint-income generating projects, we hope to create a brighter and more sustainable future for agri-business.

  • Elementary Education

Biotech Farms proudly supports child health and education. Over the past few years, we have undertaken a yearly School Feeding Program with the aim of improving the nutritional status of undernourished schoolchildren at local elementary schools. In doing so, we hope that undernourished students will be able to focus on getting the education they deserve, rather than on their empty stomachs. Our yearly feeding program is also supplemented by the donation of new buildings to local elementary schools, ensuring that both teachers and students have a decent environment in which to work and learn.

  • Livelihood Programs

In the spirit of building livelihoods and sustainable community economies, Biotech Farms has partnered up with the local Barangay to form a food-processing training program open to members of the local community. Our program focuses on providing trainees with all of the skills necessary for the manufacture and sale of local delicacies (such as egg pie and rice-based delicacies) in the hopes of providing them and their families with sustainable livelihoods.

Additionally, Biotech Farms’ commitment to supplying quality pork meat at reasonable prices helps ensure that small-scale commercial customers, such as local barbeque vendors and hotel and restaurant operators, are able to keep their operating costs low and their businesses afloat.

  • Food Security

As a Philippine-based agri-business company, regional food security is one of our top considerations when evaluating the sustainability of our business practices. Biotech Farms has a corporate responsibility to ensure that our products are affordable for everyone. By achieving scalability while maintaining consistency in both quality and safety, we can continue to supply our eggs at the most competitive market price, while always keeping prices for our customers low.

Of course, achieving food security would not be possible without the hard work of everyday Philippine farmers. That is why Biotech Farms is committed to supporting them and the work they do. The lack of post-harvest facilities is one of the perennial problems farmers face every harvest season. By sourcing all of our earcorn and paddy from local farmers and sharing with them the modern processing facilities at our Agro-Industrial Complex, we can help farmers sell their produce at better prices, and hopefully, give them hope for a brighter future for their farms and their families.

  • Nation-Building Responsibilities

At Biotech Farms, we believe that being a corporate leader means being a leader in corporate responsibility. Biotech Farms is therefore proud to be one of the Top Taxpayers in Mindanao because for us, tax is not just a duty; it’s a responsibility. Through our tax contributions, we can all ensure that important public services are not just dependent on voluntary charity, and that local and regional governments receive the resources needed to invest into our country’s social and economic development.

Our company is also proud of our substantial contributions to the local economy. The large economic multiplier effect of Biotech Farms’ operations has contributed positively to other sectors of the economy, resulting in greater food security and regional economic development.

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