Our Company History

Since 2001, Biotech Farms has drastically modernized its agricultural operations to become a world-class agri-business company, able to meet the ever-growing demands of the market.



Biotech Farms commenced operations in 2001 as a multiplier farm of a US-based genetics company, with an initial stock of fewer than 1,000 sows imported from Australia. Six years later in 2007, we reached our target stock level of more than 1,000 sows, with a few hundred of those being pure-bred sows from Quebec, Canada. In 2013, we imported over 1,000 sows to support our stock expansion, with further plans to double our 100% close-herd swine operation in the next few years.


Following the commercial success of our swine farm expansion, Biotech Farms established its first poultry layer farm in 2010, with an initial population of a few hundred-thousand layers. Since then, our poultry population has increased to over one million layers, allowing us to consistently supply our products throughout Mindanao.

To ensure the safety of our animals and employees, we adhere to strict biosafety protocols to ensure that all of our layer farms remain disease-free. Human presence in our layer farms is limited only to employees essential to their operation, ensuring that the risk of contamination by infectious micro-organisms is kept to an absolute minimum.


Integral to Biotech Farms’ commitment to adopting best agricultural practices is our Agro-Industrial Complex, located in Barangay Dumadalig, Tantangan, South Cotabato.

Operations at our Agro-Industrial Complex commenced in 2012 with the goal of ensuring strict quality-control standards in our feed production. All of the feed used at Biotech Farms is formulated in secure feed mills located at our Agro-Industrial Complex, allowing us to closely monitor the entire production line to ensure that any mycotoxins in the feed are totally eliminated. Currently, Biotech Farms’ Agro-Industrial Complex produces more than 500 tons of quality-controlled feed per day, with 85 trained personnel overseeing the process.

In line with our company’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, we have also incorporated renewable energy into all of our agro-industrial operations as of 2016. Our Agro-Industrial Complex now houses a state-of-the-art Biomass Renewable Energy Project, which currently produces over 7 megawatts of renewable bioenergy from the rice hulls and corn cobs leftover from our corn and paddy grain processing operations.

Essential to our vision to become the leading integrated agri-business company in the Philippines is our constant drive to improve lives in the local community. Our Agro-Industrial Complex currently provides employment for over 600 locals, with an ever-growing potential for employment and business opportunities as we expand our facilities.

We are committed to nourishing people and protecting the environment.