REvive Corn Production

Revive Croptech Operation on the production of corn for cobs. This consists the operation from land validation and topographic survey of the farm. The survey determines the plantable area and  restrictions in the area for tractor operations. This follows the primary tilling using the Subsoiler, and before secondary tilling is applied using the Power Harrow, Manure application follows using Manure Spreader which conditions the soil to add organic matter for the soil.

After manure application, the planting operation follows using our pneumatic planter on which the furrowing, basal application and planting of seeds were done at the same time. All of the mentioned operations are hitched with the tractor, either pulled or PTO-driven.

During Crop maintenance, herbicide application is done using the boom sprayer which could accommodate 12-meters of its span for fast and efficient application. The production is irrigated using the drip irrigation system which enables us to grow whole year round, even during drought season.

Harvesting of crops was performed by our corn picker which also chops the stalks at the same time, readies the field for tilling for the next cropping.