Manila, Philippines, January 25, 2021 – World-class Agri-business company Biotech Farms, Inc. (BFI) is actively taking part in the initiative to address the dwindling supply of pork in Luzon due to the African swine fever (ASF), as well as transportation and logistics problems amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of its commitment to provide sustainably-sourced food to the Filipino people, BFI is ramping up the supply of its Better Pork meat products in Luzon. Live hogs and pork meat shipments from BFI will increase starting this week to alleviate the low supply of pork meat in Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces.

Erwin Saballa, BFI’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “In line with our mission, we remain firmly committed to delivering premium live hogs in Luzon.”

“Biotech Farms, Inc. will continue to support the Philippine livestock and its allied industries in our journey towards full recovery from ASF,” he added.

Live premium hogs will be transported to Manila from South Cotabato in Mindanao onboard a chartered livestock cargo vessel. BFI also provides its own shipment and logistics supply chain to ensure animal welfare and traceability of its herd from the farm up to its destination in Luzon.

The live pigs are delivered inside a hog van that is fully equipped with proper ventilation, a water sprinkler, and feeding and drinking stations for the pigs.

The vans and shipping vessels are also thoroughly disinfected prior to the shipment of the pigs.

Biotech Farms’ Better Pork products are raised from top-quality sows imported from Canada in a 100% close-herd biosecure facility. Through its good animal husbandry practices, Better Pork provides the tastiest and healthiest pork you can source in the Philippine market today.

With hogs raised on a sustainably-sourced plant-based diet, Better Pork products are free from any antibiotics or drug residues.

It is also certified ASF-free by the Department of Agriculture Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory as blood samples from BFI’s hogs are tested before its shipment to Luzon.

Visit for more information about Biotech Farms and Better Pork. To inquire about Better Pork and enjoy the tastiest and healthiest ASF-free pork meat in the market, you may reach the Biotech Farms Sales Team at [email protected] or via mobile +63917793067. Kindly look for Jonathan Dumanig for any sales bookings or inquiries.



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