Wrapping presents for the “Unseen”

Giving never goes out of style; it’s a kind of service where the giver is a lot happier than
the recipient. Bringing light into these people’s usual day even with a simple gift is highly
ecstatic; it means a hope for them to start a new day full and merry.

To make a change in the community, we endeavor to reach those unseen, the farthest
concealed tribe in the society and a bit isolated areas of Sitio Opong, Brgy. Vicente,
Banga with over 200 indigent recipients and in Sitio Elnap, Dumadalig, Tantangan,
South Cotabato with over 100 indigent recipients.

It focused on providing the community, especially the families of the basic commodities
that less of their sight and hard for the people to provide. It has been over the years
were these 2 adopted communities of BFI were able to gain access over few outreach
services that goes on their needs. In line with this, BFI is aiming to allocate better
resources that could offer a long lasting solution to contribute with their livelihood, health
care services and any support system that BFI can offer to help improve the lives of
many, enhance access and for better mobilization.

There are infinite reasons why BFI partake in the act of giving. It is always on the sake
of others more than any purpose, which is to make them happy with the purest intention
and a commitment to serve the community because we CARE enough beyond