Biotech Farms is committed to addressing the needs of our customers.

The secret to Biotech Farms’ quality pork and eggs lies in our optimized animal husbandry operations. Our competitive advantage lies in a winning combination of carefully-selected poultry and swine genetics, well-balanced animal care and nutrition, state-of-the-art facilities, and trained and experienced staff in order to bring our customers the safest, tastiest, and best-value quality products on the market.

What differentiates our company from other commercial farms is the meticulous genetic-selection process we employ in our livestock breeding programs. We select animals with only the most suitable genetic traits for pork and egg production, providing our customers with products that exceed market standards in quality and safety.

Our company also guarantees the highest standards of care for all our animals. Our animals are fed with only plant-based feeds containing absolutely no animal by-products or antibiotics, and are cared for by our team of experienced animal husbandry practitioners, recruited from the top state universities and regional agricultural colleges. Biotech Farms employs only the latest in animal housing, penning, and feeding technology in order to create the optimal environment for our animals to grow and thrive.

In addition to our world-standard genetic selection and animal husbandry practices, Biotech Farms’ farm site is strategically-located in an area well-protected by natural barriers, far from other farms and outside human interference. This ensures that we are able to maintain our excellent standards in biosecurity.