Animal Welfare

We uphold our animal welfare standards to give our customers the assurance that our livestock has been raised responsibly from a sustainable supply chain. 

A “Humane” Promise

Biotech Farms maintains the highest standard of care to produce the best quality pork and eggs to our consumers.

We are committed to uphold the best practices of animal welfare across our farm’s supply chain. 

We collaborate with various stakeholders, including our company veterinarians and animal welfare specialists to ensure that the our livestock division has the right resources and equipment for optimal animal husbandry, nutrition, and sanitation that support animal health and wellbeing. 

Our Approach

Biotech Farms adhere to strict values to be the leading sustainably-sourced food producer to the Filipino people.

Our products are consistent, safe, delicious, and something you can feel good about purchasing.

Our customers can be assured that they are purchasing a product from a farm that raises their livestock responsibly.