Agro-Industrial Division

Biotech Farms’ Agro-Industrial Division is designed to ensure that our livestock always receive the highest-quality animal nutrition.

Feedmill Plant

Modelled after state-of-the-art European technology, Biotech Farms’ Feedmill Plant ensures top-quality feed in every stage of production, from the use of superior raw ingredients and the formulation of the feed itself.

Our fully-automated Feedmill Plant is capable of processing raw plant ingredients into a high-quality pellet and mash feed, specially formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements of each type of animal at each life stage. Our entire production line is operated in a closed, hygienic environment to ensure optimal sanitation.

Biotech Farms’ feed production also adheres to international manufacturing standards for hazard analysis. Our Feedmill Plant features a fully-automated motor-control center, designed to conduct fast monitoring and data-logging for hazard-mitigation purposes, ensuring a safer working environment for our personnel.

Corn on Cob Drying Facility (CDF)

Uplifting the lives of Filipino Corn Farmers.

Biotech Farms’ animal feed uses only locally-grown corn cobs, sourced directly from the fields of Philippine corn farmers.

Instead of purchasing pre-processed corn grains, our Corn Cob Drying Facility allows us to dry and process fresh whole corn cobs into animal feed, ensuring that we can carefully monitor the entire production process and eliminate any possibility of dangerous mycotoxins contaminating our feed.

Furthermore, by sourcing all of our corn cobs directly from local corn farmers, we help ensure that farmers and their families have a steady post-harvest income.

Rice Mill Plant and Paddy Drying Facility

Rice is the staple food of the Filipino people. Therefore, Biotech Farms has established a Rice Mill Plant and Paddy Dryer Facility as part of our company’s commitment to providing quality rice at an affordable price.

Our Rice Mill and Paddy Dryer are specially-designed to produce safe and high-quality rice. Wet paddy is dried at our Paddy Drying Facility using state-of-the-art European technology, and is then processed at the Rice Mill for sale on the market.

In line with our company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, we re-use the by-products of our rice processing operations in our other business units. Rice bran is used as a raw ingredient at our Feedmill Plant in our animal feed, while rice husk is used in our Biomass Energy Project as stock to be burned in the production of heat and electric power.