Power Division

Biotech Farms has developed a number of projects aimed at making our operations more environmentally-sustainable to confront the environmental challenges our world is facing today.

Our company not only uses the electricity produced in our Renewable Energy (RE) facilities in our day-to-day operations but also sells excess electricity back to the power grid to provide local communities with a stable source of clean, renewable energy.

Biogas Digester Plant

The high level of methane and nitrous oxide released by intensive livestock farming is currently one of the world’s biggest sources of global warming and atmospheric pollution. As a staunch advocate for corporate responsibility, Biotech Farms is strongly committed to developing new solutions for reducing the environmental impact of livestock farming.

To help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and overall electricity consumption, Biotech Farms has invested in a Waste-to-Energy Plant, specially designed to convert the methane in animal manure into eco-friendly biogas. We collect the animal manure produced on our farms and store them in closed tanks, where it then undergoes anaerobic digestion to produce methane gas. Using state-of-the-art European technology, our plant then captures the methane gas and uses it to power a micro-turbine engine, which generates both heat and electric power for use on our farm site.

To further minimize our impact on the environment, we channel the flue gas produced by our micro-turbine engine into our Fiber Tray Plant and Organic Fertilizer Drying facilities, creating an efficient and carbon-neutral method for drying our moulded fiber egg trays and organic fertilizers.

Additionally, we recycle the digested manure into organic fertilizer for use by local corn farmers. Using organic fertilizer not only reduces the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of synthetic fertilizers but also provides a cheaper alternative for local corn farmers currently dependent on expensive chemical fertilizers.

Biomass Power Plant

As a leader in the Philippine agri-business industry, Biotech Farms is at the forefront of the global shift towards renewable energy and carbon neutrality.

Our Biomass Power Plant is designed to convert plant by-products into power for use at our farm site. Rice husks from our Rice Mill and empty cobs from our Corn Cob Dryer are burned to power a turbine generator, which then produces hot water and over 7-megawatts of electricity. The hot water is recycled back to our Paddy Dryer and Corn Cob Dryer facilities to dry the wet paddy and fresh corn cobs respectively. Simultaneously, the electricity produced by our Biomass Power Plant is used to power our Agro-Industrial Complex, with excess electricity sold to the power grid.