Livestock Division

Better Farms’ Livestock Division aims to produce the best-value quality pork and eggs through the use of world-class agricultural technology, management, and animal husbandry practices.

Swine Production

CCS (Climate Controlled System) in both swine and layer production lines.

We guarantee the affordability, quality, and safety of our products at all stages of production, from farm to plate.

Egg Production

Our state-of-the-art egg collection, grading, and packing systems are designed to minimize human contact and risk of contamination. Our system guarantees that all of the eggs delivered to our customers are clean and safe.


Pullets & Layers

Egg Room

Fiber Tray Plant

Our Moulded Fiber Egg Tray Plant produces 100% recycled fiber-moulded trays for our eggs. Paper waste (such as old newspapers, office papers, magazines, and paperboard) is dissolved in water to form fine fibers, which are then dried using flue gas sourced from our biogas generator, and pressed into moulded fiber egg trays.

Fiber-moulded containers are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam containers, and when made using 100% recycled materials, help to reduce landfill and conserve the world’s forests.