Better Farms®
Fresh Quality Eggs

Our chickens enjoy the highest standards of care to produce the best quality eggs. Better Farms delivers a real difference in the production of safe and highly nutritious eggs by adhering to the gold standard of well-balanced animal care and nutrition.

Produced With the Highest Standard of Care

To produce the best quality eggs on the market, Better Farms has made animal welfare a priority. Our company guarantees the highest standards of care for the nearly 2 million birds in our layer farms. We combine carefully-selected plant-based ingredients into our own nutritiously-balanced bird feed, ensuring that our birds have all the essential minerals, enzymes, and vitamins they need to produce safe and highly nutritious eggs.

All of our eggs are also certified ‘antibiotic-free’ by local and international laboratories, making Better Farms’ eggs the eggs of choice for health and safety.

Safe and Healthy Farm Fresh Eggs

From farm to plate, Better Farms delivers sustainably-sourced farm fresh eggs without compromise. We consider the long-term viability of our egg farming operations, everything matters – from how we treat our chickens, to how we work with our community, and how we run our facilities.


Highest Standard of Care


Carefully-selected, Plant-based Feeds




Stress-free Housing Environment


Top-Notch Biosecurity Measures

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