Biotech Farms is driven to promote responsible agriculture in the Philippines. We are committed to raising every Filipino’s expectations for how much sustainably-sourced food can do. We know that most sustainability issues are interconnected, that’s why we’re taking a holistic approach to social, environmental, and economic stewardship.

Only through a comprehensive and multidimensional approach can we make transformational and enduring changes that will benefit the planet and the people living in it.

Purpose Before Profit

At Biotech Farms, we promise to deliver sustainably-sourced food without compromise.

We consider how our work creates an impact on people, animals, and the environment, and we always put them first.

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Animal Welfare

We are committed to embracing a culture that puts animal welfare standards at the forefront of our business operations.

This promise is delivered as we adhere to the gold standard of responsible raising practices, good nutrition, and optimized living conditions. 

Supply Chain

We are constantly looking for new ways to make our operations 100% waste-free, with the goal of creating a sustainable circular economy while protecting the health and safety of our workers, the environment, and the local community.

Food Security

We ensure that our number one priority is to provide sustainably-sourced food to the Filipino people. We strive to provide safe and healthy food products that delivers sustainable value across all our supply chain. This promise is essential to everything that we do here at Biotech Farms.  

Sustainable Agriculture

We strive to source food safely by promoting sustainable farming practices in the agriculture sector. Our priority is to provide a safe, nutritious, and sustainable food source to the Filipino community.  


We understand that our company plays a crucial role towards delivering a real difference to reduce our environmental impact. Our sustainable business practices also means achieving sustainability in the ecosystem, in economic growth, and in social progress. 


We believe in supporting advocacies that will uplift the lives of the Filipino people. We consider how our company has made an impact towards the people in our local community, and we always put them first.